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Time to Dine: What Does Your Timepiece Say About What You Eat?

Do you love a classic timepiece? Do you feel incomplete if you don't put on a watch before you walk out of the door for work or a meeting? Do you sometimes wonder if you are wearing the appropriate watch for the setting?

If you sometimes wonder what kind of luxury watch you should wear while you are having a breakfast meeting, a lunch conference, or even a late-night brainstorming session, then all you need is a little practice. When you are dining, there are a wide variety of luxury timepieces that you can wear to set the right mood of your meeting and to complement your settings.

Whether you prefer a Rolex or an Omega, your timepiece says something about you and your style. Dine on exquisite meals accompanied by fine timepieces such as Versace, Cartier, and Christian Dior. Or sport an IWC or Hublot for a quick lunch at the tennis club. Whatever your style and your food of choice, there is a timepiece to complement your every experience. Express your style and refined taste by pairing your luxury wristwatch collection with outfits that complement the food that is being served. Follow’s guide for quick, creative tips to expand your style in any dining setting!


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Five-Star Dining

When you are headed to a five-star restaurant it only makes sense to strap on a watch encrusted with black diamonds and other precious gems. Slip on your best Rolex, Cartier, or Versace watch and pair this with your most elegant Óscar de la Renta dress or Armani suit. For instance, when dinning at Smith and Wollensky in Mid-Town Manhattan, you'll be eating nothing less than choice entrees such as filet mignon, Kobe beef, and truffles paired with aged wine or champagne. Your Cartier, Audemars or Chopard tells people you put your money where your mouth is.


 Tennis Club Brunches and Lunches

Whether you are attending a casual or classy brunch or lunch at the club, pair one of your sportier luxury watches such as a Tissot, Hublot, or Omega with your tennis skirt or golfing apparel. Avoid watches with diamonds and jewels and go with the all metal finishes and simple bands. These watches complement club food and club settings -- classic chicken salad croissants, salmon filets, and fresh, green salads. You want your watch to say you are serious about both socializing and athletics.

Breakfast in Bed

Want to feel luxurious in bed? Go au natural, and slip on your chunkiest jeweled luxury watch. Eat strawberries dipped in glasses of champagne and dark chocolates. Feed them to the one you love and vice versa. Relish what it feels like to have diamonds on your wrist and the one you love beside you. This is a wonderful way to feel confident about you and to feel beautiful at the same time. Wear your best jeweled, timepiece in bed!

If you have a luxury timepiece collection that you want to put to good use in creative ways, why not pair your watches based upon your dining settings and the food you expect to eat.

Opulent luxury watches with diamonds and other jewels are prefect for your favorite, five-star dining where you'll be eating gourmet food and sipping champagne. Your sporty timepiece works well at the country club, where you grab a quick bite of breakfast with your tennis partner. Lox, cream cheese, bagels, and mimosas, of course!

By pairing your timepiece by the levels of dining experiences you have on your calendar, you will find a unique and creative way to show off your watch collection and to complement your designer wares while having fun doing it!

Get started today on pairing your luxury watches with your dining locales! You'll find it is a fun and creative way to show off your wardrobe and to show all whom you meet that you know how to sport style and class even down to the timepieces on your wrist!

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