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Icons And Their Iconic Timepieces

Icons And Their Iconic Timepieces
Browse This Legendary Blog Post  To See Stunning Images Of Icons That Have Shaped The Decades With Their Work In Film, Music, Sports, Science, And World Peace And The Iconic Time-Pieces They Wore

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Celebrities fascinate the world. They inspire everything from what we listen to, to the way we style our hair, to the timepieces we choose. We follow the lives of the rich and famous because they are luxurious, exotic and somehow other-worldly. We look to celebrities for guidance on everything from interior design to diet. The prominent profiles of actors, artists and musicians serve to inspire daily media, gracing the covers of magazines and the pages of gossip blogs. To be a celebrity means to live with all the trappings of popular appeal. We, as fans, will always adhere to the idea that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Negative or positive, celebrity prominence commands popular culture, music, art and fashion.
Celebrities have made significant contributions to lifestyle and fashion since time immemorial. Whether it is luxurious watches displayed conspicuously on the red carpet or witty t-shirts donned by rockers in photo shoots and music videos, clothing and accessories are awarded more value just by the distinction of having been worn by a celebrity. If our favorite celebrity is spearheading a new trend, chances are we are more likely to buy in. Moreover, if the person sporting an accessory is an icon, often times the accessory itself becomes iconic - part of the myth and legend that makes up the celebrity. Here is our list of luxurious watches that have done just that - taken on a fame of their own by becoming a celebrity icon's iconic accessory.

The Watch: Cartier Diamond By Harry Winton
Worn By: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn was more than a fashion icon. She was and still is an international sex symbol, a representation of Old Hollywood at its finest, and a pop culture phenomenon. The influence she’s had on popular culture is simply immeasurable. Like other legends of her time, such as James Dean and Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe fascinated the masses with her sensuous, glamorous good looks, and her classic movie star appeal.  She remains today one of the most iconic women in history and resignates in the hearts of millions.

The Watch: Tag Heuer, The Monoco
Worn By: Steve McQueen

The world's first automatic chronograph, this watch was made famous by Steve McQueen while filming the classic racing movie La Mans. Car enthusiasts and thrill seekers flocked to this movie for its high-speed action and charismatic lead. The Monoco's square design and sleek styling made models from the 1970s collector's items, but modern adaptations are just as beloved.

The Watch: Omega, La Magique
Worn By: Al Pacino

Al Pacino's character Tony Montana in the gangster classic Scarface was infamous for style and, above all, excess. The watch that his character wore throughout the movie was a tribute to his lavish lifestyle. The Omega La Magique was one of the thinnest pieces on the market, and remains one of Omega's most iconic watches.

The Watch: Cartier, Pasha and Gruen, Curvex
Worn By: The Rat Pack

Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. were the iconic lead men for the group of talent known in the late 1960s simply as 'The Rat Pack'. This group of actors and artists had one mission: Party hard and look good doing it. Together, they appeared in countless movies and shows and often appeared as each other's surprise guests on stage. The Rat Pack made Vegas its headquarters and is largely responsible for the economic boom that the town experienced in the late 1960s, transforming it from a desert stopover to a glitzy, fashion-forward mecca.

Originally made up of Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop in addition to Frank and Sammy, the Rat Pack has given men's fashion some of the most timeless styles in history. Collectively, with their finely tailored shark skin suits and Italian leather shoes, the Rat Pack defined an era of men's fashion. To this day celebrities and fans alike strive to have the style of Sammy Davis or the suave of Frank Sinatra. From pocket squares to slim ties, the hallmarks of the Rat Pack can be seen on even the most modern male fashion plates. Ever the consummate gentlemen, an undone tie or an unbuttoned shirt collar was as dressed down as members of the Rat Pack could muster.
The fashion arsenal of 'the Summit' would not have been complete without their classic watches. Frank Sinatra got under our skin with his pink gold Gruen and matching gold necklace. This thin timepiece has a 14K pink gold plate with a matching brick link bracelet. The accompanying 49 cm necklace spells "Frank Sinatra." Sammy Davis Jr. was given his Cartier, Pasha by Sinatra in the 1980s. The inscription on the back reads “Sammy I Luv Ya F.A.S.” This priceless gift is an 18K yellow gold and quartz piece with two time-zones, moon phases, day and date.

The Watch: Vacheron Constantin, Geneve
Worn By: Marlon Brando

This 18K yellow gold timepiece with guilloche dial is a rare piece on its own. Couple this with the fact that it was a gift from Zsa Zsa Gabor to Marlon Brando for the completion of "On the Waterfront" - which went on to win Brando an Oscar - and you have an iconic watch. The gold case is engraved with the words, "To Marlon - Love - Zsa Zsa - June 24, 1954".

The Watch: Omega, Speedmaster
Worn By: Buzz Aldrin

Astronaut and explorer Buzz Aldrin piloted the first mission to the Moon on the famed Apollo 11. He was not without his trusty watch during his trip to space, making the Speedmaster by Omega the first watch on the moon and guaranteeing this chronograph's place in history. The Speedmaster is trusted by scientists and explorers alike to this day. It is a timepiece that is truly out of this world.

The Watch: Cartier Diamond (various by Harrods)
Worn By: Princess Diana

British royalty. Born Diana Spencer on July 1st, 1961, near Sandringham, England. Diana, Princess of Wales, was one of the most adored members of the British royal family.  Her service to the people of the world was never-ending.  A quote from Princess Diana summed up her philosphy, "A princess is meant to serve her people, not to be served by them."

The Watch: Rolex, King Midas
Worn By: John Wayne

 The King Midas was a limited edition watch of which only 1000 were made. Designed by Geral Genta and first released in 1964, this 18K gold model was one of the most expensive produced by Rolex at the time. If the fact that it was worn by western film icon John Wayne isn't enough, it was also worn by Elvis himself. Both icons received their watches as gifts, and both were known to wear them on stage and screen.

The Watch: Wittnauer (Longines), Electro-Chron
Worn By: Joe DiMaggio

Legendary outfielder and heart-breaker "Joltin'" Joe DiMaggio played his entire 13 year career with the New York Yankees. By his side and on his wrist was the Electro-Chron by Wittnauer. This game-changing watch featured "electric" movement, and was one of the first battery operated timepieces ever produced.


The Watch: Cartier, Tank
Worn By: Jacqueline Kennedy
One of the most elegant women and style icons of the 20th century, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was the last word in fashion for her time. From her pill-box hats to her over-sized sunglasses, her fashion choices are still mimicked to this day; so too for her Cartier watch. Though she owned many timepieces, the model that is most associated with Jackie O is the Tank. A meeting of simplicity and function, the Tank's rectangular face and clean lines are synonymous with modern design. Originally released in 1919, this Louis Cartier design quickly gained popularity among trendsetters, and has recently been seen on the wrist of another First Lady - Michelle Obama.

The Watch: Omega "Ultra Thin"
Worn By: J.F.K.

In 1960, Grant Stockdale presented to his friend John F. Kennedy an Omega ‘Ultra Thin’ wristwatch , in 18 carat gold. At that time, he was not yet President of the United States. In a letter addressed to Grant that same year, Jacqueline Kennedy expressed her deepest thanks for this ‘thinnest most elegant wristwatch’ mentioning how thrilled JFK was about it and how ‘promptly he took off the chunky little one’ she had once given him. The watch was personalised with the following inscription on the case back:

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