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An Exhibition On Tissot's Tactile Technology In The Watch World

Immerse yourself in the fascinating tactile world during Tissot’s exhibition at Geneva’s Cité du Temps

From June 13 to September 02, 2012, Tissot unveils the magic of a modern, yet still futuristic concept that is tactile technology in its exhibition, which will take place within the beautiful setting of Geneva’s famous hall of the Cité du Temps.
Today, it has made its way into our everyday lives whether it is to buy a train ticket or to make a call, all you need is a simple touch of a fingertip. However, these are merely a taste of what its outcome can be. Tissot was one of the first to recognise the possibilities this technology had to offer and has been making the most of it ever since. Further to its creation of the tactile watch in 1999, that triggered a technological breakthrough within the watchmaking industry, Tissot has continually strengthened its technological leadership with more innovations in both products and communications. Tissot stores and shop-in-shops around the globe all revolve around this principle of involvement and ‘infotainment’.

Come and witness the evolution of the Tissot Touch Collection and its functionalities and let yourself be taken ahead of time while discovering a world of interactivity and design with displays you only thought possible in your wildest futuristic dreams. From a watch wardrobe to try on merely by computer simulation with an augmented reality tower to a pioneering Tissot technology which combines motion detectors to tactile technology, you will be immersed into the fascinating world of Tissot and the watches themselves. Don’t miss out on this incredible journey and experience and join us in Geneva during this one time only exhibition which will take you to another time.
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